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The Cakewalk Marketing Plan + Templates

What if you knew exactly how to market your cakes?

“How do I get my name out there and get cake orders booked?”  After pricing questions, this is probably the second most frequent question I see in baking forums.  Even if you’ve never done it before, marketing your delicious goodies is not as difficult (or scary) as you might think!

The problem is...many bakers don’t even know where to begin OR they are afraid to market because:

  • They don’t know what to say
  • They don’t want to seem “pushy” or “cheesy”
  • They don’t know what strategies to use 

How do I know this?  Because I WAS there!  Like many of you, I started out making cakes for friends and family (for free). Then I slowly gained the confidence to start charging for my products.  Great, right?!  Sure, but I had NO idea how to get the word out!  I was such a newbie to marketing that I didn’t even know what options were out there.  Even worse, I was so afraid that I was “bothering” people by promoting my business!

Does this sound familiar?  

Well, with just a little knowledge and the right PLAN, there is an EASY solution! In fact, it's a "Cakewalk!"

The Cakewalk Marketing Plan + Templates will have you quickly and easily implementing your marketing strategies WITH CONFIDENCE!

  • LEARN the basics of marketing your cakes & goodies
  • QUICKLY pick a few strategies from the comprehensive list
  • EASILY develop your marketing plan by filling in the TEMPLATE

You’ll be marketing like a BOSS in no time! $47USD

5 Modules

Module 1: What exactly is marketing anyway?

An introduction to Cake Marketing and why it's essential for your cake business success.

Module 2: The Preplanning Stage - Before You Fill In Your Marketing Plan Template

I know you're excited to jump right in to making your plan, but first you'll need to gather some information.  Here you'll learn about the different ways you can successfully market your cakes.

You'll pick the ones that resonate with your niche.

Module 3: Creating & Implementing Your Marketing Plan

Now that you've had an introduction to marketing your cakes, and you've seen the comprehensive list of ideas, you're ready to fill in your own plan!

Bonus 1 - Terms & Conditions For Bakers

Download and customize your own Terms & Conditions to ensure clear communication between you and your customers.

Bonus 2 - Email Marketing For Booking Consistent Orders!

Start building your monthly marketing list to make sure your customers always come back for more!

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