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Piece of Cake Pricing Calculator

What if you knew exactly how much you should be charging for your cakes?

Probably the most frequently asked question in all the baking forums I’ve seen is, “How much should I charge for this cake?”  Believe it or not, there IS an answer and it’s not as mysterious as you might think!

The problem is...most bakers don’t even know where to begin when pricing their goodies. 

  • They don’t know what they need to charge to make a profit.
  • They are afraid that customers will think it’s “too expensive”
  • They lack the confidence in communicating their prices 

How do I know this?  Because I WAS there!  Like many of you, I started out making cakes for friends and family (for free). Then when people wanted to PAY me for cakes, I had NO idea where to even begin!  I was so afraid to charge my worth and was also convinced that no one would pay me what it’s really worth to make amazing cakes. 

Does this sound familiar?  

Well, with just a little knowledge and the right tool, there is an EASY solution! In fact, it's a "Piece of Cake!"

The Piece of Cake Pricing Calculator will have you quickly and easily pricing your cakes WITH CONFIDENCE!

  • Take the GUESSWORK OUT of pricing
  • QUICKLY figure your costs of your delicious masterpieces, so that you can
  • EASILY reach your target profit margin, and
  • INSTANTLY know exactly how much you should be charging your customers
  • CONFIDENTLY generate cake and baking quotes

Be pricing like a pro in no time!

You also get these bonuses:

  • Video lesson on understanding what Gross Profit Margin is and specifically what % you should shoot for in your baking business
  • Baking conversion table so you can quickly enter any recipes without having to think about measurement conversions
  • Mini eBook of my 3 top selling recipes
  • Customizable Quote Template to send to your customers

Grab your copy now to start pricing like a BOSS! One-time payment of $57USD

5 Modules

Bonus 1 - Understanding Gross Profit Margin Percentage

Bonus 2 - Common Baking Conversions - PDF

Download your PDF of Common Baking Conversions to keep in your recipe book, your kitchen or your office!



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